Target audience of KompIT website are managers who organize:

  • trade, incl. internet
    • types of trade - wholesale В2В and retail В2С
    • products - goods and services
  • informational support
    • Extension of data and functions of implemented ERP systems, for example, MS Navision.

Options of trade service by internet system 'TRADE'

  • Standard - one-level e-system supports
    • Sales - for the owner of B2B or B2C systems
    • Purchases - for the customers of the system owner
  • Channel - e-system serves several levels and channels of trade
    • example - 2-level and 3-channel version of the organization of trade in goods and services
      • levels
        • 1st - wholesale of 2 suppliers to the general group of stores
          • serviced by 'TRADE' system, B2B version
        • 2nd - group store retail
          • all channel stores can be serviced by one B2C channel provider system - example of online store
            • B2C system automatically adjusts for each registered store
        • Channels are providing general nomenclature for a group of stores participating in the trading system
          • 1st - belongs to the supplier of tools
          • 2nd - supplier of fences and stairs
          • 3rd - fence installer.

Benefits of using channel servicing of e- trade software from KompIT:

  • customers
    • Ease of use
    • Extended product description that helps customer with their choice
    • Options to use mobile or desktop software versions
  • vendors
    • increase in sales
      • by increasing the number of customers
    • reducing costs and manual labor
      • due to the cheap rent of the e-trade system supported by the channel provider.

Products - offered Internet trading systems 'TRADE' for:

  • wholesale trade - В2В
  • retail trade - B2C - e-store
  • combination of both to optimize trade.


Main accents of our Internet trading systems

  • B2B and B2C systems can be used by your trading partners
    • result - increase:
      • your and your sales channel members’ profits
      • your competitive advantage
  • Systems provide customers with enhanced information
    • product properties
    • additional product descriptions, incl. composition of sets using a calculator
    • description of the technology of goods and services purchasing
  • System programs
    • built-in CRM subsystems
    • query statistics
      • includes competitors interest monitoring
    • interface adapts to customer devices
      • mobile phone / tablet / desktop monitor.


Website contents                                    

  • upper menu article - this is our view on business-process provision to achieve ERP automation aims
    • competitive ability and result rise of company,
    • price improvement correlation / quality administrative information
    • support of effective cooperation between sales marketing channel partners,
    • help in situation evaluation and best solution selection
    • getting big freedom in personnel selection
  • left menu column - our product promotion, which are used in process automation and pages for interaction with us 
    • services approaching in business-process and information system provision
    • ERP system intranet and ineternet solutions.

Key website audience: 

  • coworking options for clients with us
    • demo version solution view
    • key question discussion
      • on forums and social networks, on meetings with managers on our 'round tables'
      • email, phone, meetings at our office or at clients
  • in article editing and for information view convenience we have implemented bookmark view in our articles - to view text under bookmarks just hover mouse on the header.

Described and automated processes:

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