B2B Web-based application is an analogue of the online shop for wholesale buyers of your company, can accurately account for the conditions of the contract the company to its customers, such as credit limit, the amount of discounts and other.

B2B internet application - is an option of e-commerce:

    • remove from your vendors a greater load on the
      • commissioning of customer orders - registered customers a convenient time for them enter their own requests and monitor their implementation
      • informing partners - customers can remotely see the current proposal, the debt, the remains of the warehouse, their prices, the history of their purchases, an archive of transactions, etc.
      • sending electronic copies of documents to customers, etc.
    • can afford
      • engage in planning sales of its key partners and to support the relevance of the description of the markets
      • use technology for B2B customers of its customers - the pyramid of partners-customers
      • CRM through the block joint planning, implementation and analysis of stocks, other interactions.


Thanks to the В2В WebNav

  • growing awareness of the participants and the speed of execution of orders,
  • reduced administration costs orders
  • simplifies maintenance of branches,
  • companies go to a new level of sales and profits!