The objectives of automation in process scheduling:

    • reduction:
      • number of emerging issues and related to it expenses and losses;
      • department idle and overload;
      • process analysis and accomplishment forecast analysis complexity;
      • controllers issues in preventing and solving encounrtered issues;
    • simplification and improvement:
      •  process planning taking into account current situation and forecast of its development;
      • department and management opportunities to obtain reliable information on current and planned business processes;
    • storing cases and causes of recorded problems;
    • statistical analysis of problems to improve business processes and information system;


Examples of automation of controllers work:

  • workplace screens
    • current month budgets - sales, production, purchase, maintenance, ...
    • prepared and current orders lists - sales, production, ...
      • accomplishment date semaphore, materials availability, ...
    • warehouse stock status and set of documents,
    • product shipment scanned data,
  • data generation and processing:
    • operating budget generation of orders for operational planning processes throughout the enterprise,
      • its modification - assignment of executors and dates, materials replacement, price and discount recount, ...
      • prints and order accomplishment coordination,
    • system message notification, 
    • timely and other report printing.


Screen examples