sales accents

Overall accents of e-office internet-application retail  - ERP system thoughts movement , GroupWare,project and document flow management on member group support of sales marketing (CRP)

    • simplicity - there is no necessity to educate channel members
    • visibility - ability fast and easy to evaluate current situation in marketing channel or in branches 
    • member expenditures decrease, e.g. when organizing franchise, carriage, supply etc.
    • direct channel member participation in planning, account and event evaluation.
E-catalogue   Order generation
  • Convenient product group selection options
  • Characteristics and image lists 
  • prices and discounts by planned period
  • Individual client catalogues *
  • Cart generation options - in dialog, through file import or using invoice from document archive
  • Debt and new order notification
  • Order generation by clients client i.e. in all channel vertical *
Order completion status   Account control status
  • Order coordination status and archive
  • Independent document template printing
  • Order change autocontrole option.
  • Credit line account and payment delay coordination
  • Archived invoice file export for members ERP
  • Table and histogram statistical analysis
Project and event management   Budgeting
  • Convinient way to analyse current channel information
    • project, job, event, discussion etc. lists
    • event status analysis 'tree'
    • color indicators of delayed jobs, unprocessed issues, document counters etc..
  • Event and member cooperation archiving
  • Member automatic notification by email/sms.
  • Purchase budget template acquisition from vendor
    • dates, groups, product codes and names
    • quantity, summ etc.  
  • Budget comparison to statistics or any other budget edition
  • Market and archive description of budget coordination
  • Result modeling by work periods *
    • selfcost, realization, profit, profitability account.

 * - potential application extension.