Our propositions

Services and products offered

  • modification of an existing joint business planning process
    • division of tasks between the staff and program
    • refinement of algorithms and data structures
    • debugging and improving the process
  • product planning
    • sales - WebProphet
    • production, procurement, finance, extension of Navision
  • section of the Internet system V2B WebNav for service planning in the sales channel
    • matching pairs of channel members of the budget supplier-customer
    • use to generate orders
    • control of budget execution
  • system support. 

Extending WebProphet is one of the extension units ERP IntraNav, but for many customers have their own value. Therefore, companies and KompIT BAGUA identified it in a standalone product. 

Our emphasis in the automation of budgeting 

  • work the plan - this is not an annual disposable meal and normal daily work in its use and support
  • reducing complexity and the complexity of planning and control
  • system uses compressed data statistics, tasks, and models for quick, easy, intuitive and easy to obtain the controlled preparation of detailed budget
  • packaged software implementation of the re-calculating the amounts and the cost of changing the current situation
  • harmonization of budget options sales
    • with the services of the firm
    • with key clients - partners in the whole vertical marketing channel
      • through online B2B system WebNav
      • giving them the opportunity to review their procurement statistics and a description of the market, create your own version of the procurement budget
  • use of the operating budget for the sales
    • formation of other types of budget documents, and sales
    • monitoring results, notification services, variances and the transition to work on the next version of the plan sales.