What head of departments and companies are waiting  from implemented informational system?

  • improve

  • reduce

  • raise

  • etc.

- controllability of business processes and the quality of decisions;

- customers and staff awareness, for example about:

    - product and money turnover forecast, market condition;

    - warehouse product actual and projected remainnings;  

    - planned activities and events;

    - etc., information - true and complete, prepared for use for decision making, with the required degree of protection and preservation;

 - complexity of creating and using data;

 - quantity and value of losses from insufficient accountability processes;  

 - requirements for the education of staff - reduces the cost and easier selection;

 - sales volumes;

 - decision making speed and quality;  

 - warehouse turnover; 

 - etc.;



If expectations can be realized, the efficiency of enterprise management, and hence the results of its operations significantly increases. But these expectations of extended or standard ERP not always can be achieved:

  • rapidly increasing cost of ERP system and operating costs due to its adaptation to the peculiarities of business and growth in the number of licenses purchased,
  • license consistently fallen short of the required expansion of the number of workstations, resulting in duplication, delay and distortion of the data.

The combination of rising costs and the annoyance of users from time to time leads to

    • cessation of programs updates and information system development,
    • exacerbate management problems and inconsistencies in business processes.

Our view on the best approach to the construction and operation of the enterprise information system:

    • before tasks being set to suppliers of programs, the business processes should be examined in details by the responsible managers,
    • supported by the description of business processes and automate their systems ,
    • foundation for automating the system consists of a single database, ERP and Internet Technologies.  

This will allow you:

    • to sell more successful,
    • get better solutions for less money,
    • to have more informed manager team.