Other business process (BP). 

Below you can see examples of business automation, based on three business process cooperation:

  • Self-Service - client selfservice through B2B & B2C internet application
  • Front Office - client service and further processing of primary documents - based o internet applications
  • Back Office - operation and document planning account and processing, result analysis using ERP system


Real estate management system example:

  • client self service

  • billing system

  • back office - ERP

  - complex, sale and rent service web-catalogue view;

  - internet provision - service order with procedures of electronical agreement;

  - counter registrations processing and clients history view;

  - internet newspaper of house complex;

  - client opinion account and manager response;

  - ...;


- list usage ERP system results;

  - contract, object passport and budget data base administration; 

  - internet processing - service purchase with electronical agreement;

  - resource, material and work planning and account;

  - subscriber invoice account and generation by contracts; 

  - passing generated invoice in ERP system;

  - ...;

  - resource, service and client and vendor price list;

  - account • completed jobs • used resources and materials;

  - document process;

  - control • client and company debts • partner invoices;

  - material, service and resource purchase;

  - bookkeping;

  - ...;


Universal BP example - quality control system - allows to organize technology and base for purchased product quality control / manufactured / selled by company or its partners:

  • control volume description

  • control form creation

  • quality control execution

  • control result analysis

- lot size and percent is shown for planning control in informational database;  

- warehouse bill processing mechanism count product quantity for obligatory control;  

- quality control task creation;

- question list;  

- answer option list;

control result recording in companys data base using barcode scanner and web cameras:  

- photo;

- quality control and corresponding quantity;

- lot quantity review for planning control:  

- quality mark account during payroll counting or during payables account;