B2B wholesale trade system "B2B" serves the participants of the vertical sales channel of its owner - the channel provider

  • 1st level - channel owner wholesale
    • customers buy goods and services
      • form their orders using
      • their prices, current shares, debt
    • using a customizable catalog of products and services
      • three price levels, sets of complex products, property filters, etc.
      • most of the data is taken from the ERP database - e.g. MS Navision
  • 2nd level - wholesale and retail customer channel - customer
    • offers goods and services to its customers
    • can sell the supplier's products through its online channel e-store application

The main functions of the B2B e-opt system are 'Trade'

  • generation of order documents
    • customers
      • orders to the sales channel supplier - there may be several
      • offers to customers with their prices
    • supplier
      • offers to clients
      • shares - new goods, sales, etc.
  • CRM functions
    • Task planning and contole for sellers
    • event tracking in the sales channel
      • planning of relevant assignments
  • analysis
    • sales
    • arrears
    • warehouse stock.

Trade between companies through the Internet - e-commerce systems - and the Internet interaction between the marketing departments of the distribution channel partners acquired a great popularity in the world:

  • Internet-systems remove communication limitations in organizing functioning sales channel
    • one-level option - one supplier (owner of a functioning system) and a group of his clients;
    • a multi-level version of the interaction between participants in a general marketing vertical distribution channel;
  • electronic B2B-systems of Internet interaction of trading and service companies of the channel, help them:
    • reduce the time from the beginning of the contact to the payment of the order and the cost of order management;
    • organize advertising of new products, inform on current actions, agree on new ones;
    • quickly and conveniently create orders and receive data on their fulfillment
    • coordinated communication
      • sales, purchase, marketing budgets
      • marketing activities and interaction in the sales channel
      • purchase orders / sale of goods


Internet trading became very popular in last years - electronic commerce systems:

  • internet wipes time and space limitations in sales organization;
  • electronic B2B sales schemes lower cost of order control, helping trading companies - retailers and its clients
    • lower time from negotiations to order payment;
    • new product advertisement and offers management;
    • easy and fast order generation and getting data about their completion;
    • cooperation recording.




WebNav B2B system functions to organize marketing channel work (is possible to use in SaaS model):

  • Order Generation

  • Order completion control

  • Account condition control

  • Partner cooperation

  • News

  • potential possibilities

 - product selection from integrated catalogue; 

- using current prices from clients price-list and current/planned warehouse balance;

- copy order from archive or import from clients file;

- order document copy printing; 

- export order file for clients system;

- generated order is moved in NAV database with clients debt control;

- order agreement;

- completion control;

- order file export for clients system;

- current account status;  

- list of opened offers;

- ability to add possible invoice payment date;

- client purchase document archive examination;

- ordered product statistics examination;

- order agreement;  

- clients manager CRM activity examination просмотр;  

- clients answers on managers propositions;

- clients requests to manager;

- information sharing with clients about new offers and products;

in vertical marketing system bounds:  

- ability to receive and form orders in clients channel pyramid bounds;

- participants work with purchase/sales budgets;

- market description support and usage;

- retailer clients product sales account for further cooperated offer analysis;


Our partner in B2B WebNav product development and support is BAGUA SIA, which uses ERP iScala in their solutions.

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