Usage of internet technologies allow companies:

    • efficiently interact inside marketing channels based on common data and solutions,
    • easier and cheaper to build, maintain and supervise the work of business units.


  • ease of usage

  • big flexibility in

  • lesser price

  • etc.

  • examples

- work is performed using a standard browser, Internet-based application at the request of user on the server dynamically generates the requested information;

- server solution can be owned by the company or be rented - i.e. work in the 'cloud';

- all authorized channel and company information is available;

- channel information is created and maintained by channel users, e.g. market description or event planning and other - in result - the quality of planning and cowork result is raising

- all event steps are recorded and their current status is available for analysis to partners - i.e. minimizing calls, erros and incoordination;

 - workplace arrangement - franchise, clients, suppliers, transports operators;

 - equipment selection - for information access;

 - choosing the option for company system functionality extension, which supplies branches and francise;



 - there are many products that do not need licensing for every workstation; 

 - requires less labor input transition to the next version you are using an ERP system;  

 - personeel education;

 - pieces of information - examples - by themselves clients of the compan:

    - quickly and accurately enter customer orders, the status of their performance is evaluated;

    - obtain information on price, volume and characteristics of products offered etc.;


- e-shops;

- В2В systems, opportunities for partners to the enterprise better and cheaper to work with him;

- e-trading platforms;

- questioning systems etc.;


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