Basic IntraNav functions - allows company's employees to use:

  • dispatching system - completion planning and control - sales, manufacturing, purchase and so on processes,
  • easy intranet acces to information in company's ERP without license limitation mechanism,
  • automated budget and business process document generation with extended data control,
  • extended ERP functionality.


intranav 1


IntraNav implementation results:

  • quality, budgeting speed and company;s business process execution rise,
  •  lowering inventions in company's ERP - less license needed, upadte price will rise slower,
  •  ease franchising network provision in product sales and warehouse management,
  • lowering settings for PC's.

To operate IntraNav uses:

  •  internet browsers - on desktops on handheld devices,
  •  web-server with applications (can be rent),
  •  ERP software server (Navision, Axapta, Scala, ...).

Our partner in IntraNav product development and support is BAGUA SIA, which uses ERP iScala in their solutions.