marketing channel and vertical marketing system.

The company's success depends on including on how well its marketing channel competes with the sales channels of its competitors, how to effectively interact with the channel partners.

Marketing channel brings together suppliers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers to sell goods to consumers owner marketing system. Building and supporting a vertical marketing system (VMS) allows:

    • ensure consistency in the actions of channel members, proactively manage conflict in the channel;
    • organize a collaborative demand forecasting, capacity planning and schedule sales, planning and conduct of the shares;
    • eliminate duplication of functions in order to reduce costs and accelerate the turnover;
    • maintain a current description of the underlying markets.

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We can help you organize the information support of the marketing channel through the use of the Internet and expanded into the region of MRM (Marketing Resource Management) В2В WebNav,  providing an online multi-level interaction between the participants for VMS:

    • exchange across the vertical orders, sales plans, actions and results, etc.;
    • optimization of inventory through the integration of partner supply and distribution systems;
    • provide the required level of customer service at minimum cost;
    • selection of partners for themselves, interact with them in order to optimize the overall results,
    • management activities of branches, training their personnel, monitoring the franchisee;
    • planning new products to support the description of the market and forecast of its development;
    • advertising products and chain stores in all markets of the channel;
    • automation of the overall distribution functions in the channel.

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