Internet-tehnologies ???????

Automation objectives in field:

  • Document generation and processing:

  • Simplifying controle:

  • Information access provision:

- creation of an electronic version of the software, document editing and printing;

- implementation of unite procedure to departments for work with documents;

- the use of a common document numbering, general reference books, etc.;

- streamlining document flow, control of execution;

- reducing complexity and improving the quality of documents produced;

- avoidance of work duplication regarding document information;  

of timely - document execution and passage in departments

notification of employees and managers about received and newly created documents,

no loss of documents, fastly receive information about accomplishment status

and document location;

- software managed and controlled access of personeel to documents;  

- centralized electronical document and all other material archive;  

- simplification of operational search (collection) of thematic documents by pre set parameters; 


 Possible functions of automated systems :

  • Provision

  • Registration

  • Organization

  • Receiving

  • Creating conditions for

  • Support

-  the use of a common document procedure in company and its departments;

- project planning and management, regarding its complexity and statuss;

- individual or coop document preparation;

- unique document number assignment;

- document exchange between departments and personeel;

- controlled access, safety, account, mailing and document usage;

- executive discipline control with notifications;

- validate document timeliness and corectness;;

- outgoing internal documents; 

- all incoming documents with further forwarding to managers or departments;

- projects and meetings, managerial tasks and personeel applications; 

- document movement, including directions, resolutions, completion reports, document agreement;

- contract closure and accomplishment process operational controle; 

- real time personeel notification about managerial tasks; 

- information exchange between department, staff and clients ; 

-  search for document cards combined details;

- electronical document copies storage with controlled access to them;

- companys contacts informational support with clients; 

- documents submission on retrieval from archive; 

- report based on document information and their execution status;

- reliable information on document and order status;

- company managers and MC members informational support;

- reducing management process and paperwork complexity;

- document group work;

- remote connection to documents using internet technology;

- company's project and MC events management. 


Software list, used for paperwork automation :

  • ERP MS Navision

  • MS SharePoint

  • MS Word

  • MS PowerPoint

  • MS Outlook

  • IntraNav and WEBNAV

- document generation and processing;

- document information usage;

- advertisement board; 

- calendars, tasks; 

- document lists;

- document group work;

- document generation with version control and notifications using SharePoint;

- business process scheme creation for its documentation, improvement and using in  staff education;

- send/receive mail messages, notifications about document flow;

- process dispatching;

- data processing; 

- document process and printing; 

- information control and process status;

- electronical document copy usage through internet;