Cashflow planning and forecast:





Payment generation and electronical data exchange between bank and company systems (Dynamics NAV):

    • vendor, tax, payroll - payment generation and planning 
      • first step - financial director:
        • gets EXEL file from system with cashflow forecast,
        • debtee, contract terms, money center balance account and income planning - information analysis,
        • defines in ERP system - plans - sums, dates,banks for awaiting payments on compays debts,
      • second step (formation) - accountant:
        • gets from system payment journal from financial director approved plan,
        • exports generated payments in electronical bank system,
    • bank statement processing:
      • bank statement file import,
        • automated operation processing - percents, bank services etc.,
    • statement print for protocol control,
    • connect payments with incoming and outgoing invoices,
    • cash flow journal printing,
    • bank statement information processing.