CRM  (Customer Relationship Management)  - customer relationship management system.

CRM system purpose - registration and on-line access to information: 

  • planned events or activities
    • organization of customer contact
    • promotions in the market, etc.
  • contact list and potential clients
  • segments, open projects and other

 Our option of expansion of basic CRM system:

  • availability of the subsystem description of the market
  • to work with the system plugged registered customers - the purpose of
    • organization of bilateral friendly version of the interaction between the two professionals partner companies
    • provide convenient control of the leadership of partners for the performance of their services in part
      • interaction between buyers and procurers
      • planning and implementing actions
      • adjusting for changes in business market

The basic structure of the subsystem description and analysis of the market

  • the structure of supported data
    • market, competitor, offer, product group and other lists
  • support and data usage technology
    • database is available via B2B for Partners
    • clients who understand their interest in the proper assessment and forecast of the market, supplying marketing firm date and accurate information to market changes
    • WebProphet system brings together the data for ease of use:
      • sales budget
      • sales statistics
      • description of market share this year
      • characteristics of new products and potential partners.