Business process management

Web site describes informational support of business:

  • two types of business processes
    • operational       - internal and  external inside channel  -  generates company's main income and compiles it's business - marketing and sales,  supply and manufacturing, warehouse management  
    • maintaining  - internal -  provide business - accounting, personeel management, informational support, workflow  
  • three types of information systems, which supports business-processes 
    • ERP Navision - company's resource account and planning, result analysis - internal processes in local network
    • В2В WebNav - partner interaction using internet, or vertical marketing system (VMS) - sales channel process informational internet provision - sales, shipping, account, planning, communication, market promotions, market map  - channel holders web portal is used for internal and external processes 
    • SharePoint     - workflow and personeel control organization - corporate processes.


An automated enterprise management systems are used by staff in the organization of the following processes:

Process dispatching

  • task planning
  • process managing
  • notification and reports

В2В interaction with partners

  • clients
  • franchise
  • subcontractors
  • vendors

Personnel communication and managing

  • notifications
  • tasks
  • discussions 

Document flow and project managing

  • collective work 
  • shared archive 
  • status control


  • activity planning, agreement and record;
  • managerial control

Other processes

  • merchandising
  • shipping
  • channel resources


E R P - status and result - record and analysis - BACK OFFICE

Microsoft Dynamix™ NAV
Microsoft Dynamix™ AX
Epicor iScala;   1C: Company, ...



Corporate advertising

  • web-site
  • e-catalogues
  • promotional offer.


  • modelling
  • budgeting
  • completion control

Market and product description

  • volume, wish list
  • competitors and shares
  • market promotions 

Product quality control

  • consistent web-tool and data base for company controllers, subcontractors and reclamations. 

Moving product scanning

  • record and control
  • inventory auditing

Personnel and payroll account

  • process data usage
  • resource control


We offer our experience and solutions to:


  • web portal development

  • improve

  • raise

  • upgrade

  • reduce


1. internal business process internet - support (the alternative way to extend current ERP system)

     - budgeting, accounting, dispatching, work flow and other;

2. vertical marketing system functioning for internet - support of sales channel work - sales partner coworking improvement :

     - planning (market promotions, sales and purchase volumes, payements, shipping, ...), controle (market status, payment dues, stock, ...), agreement (shop shelf contents, market promotion budget and schedule);

     - network resource maintenance - order, price list, remaining qtty., current order status exchange;

     - document flow automation (contract, reclamations,...), personeel training and contro (franchise, branches), result analysis, channel news exchange and other;

 informational provision of company business-process:  

  - interaction with clients;  

  - budgeting; 

  - dispatching; 

  - document flow; 

  - etc.;

- Sales and Income volumes; 

- speed and quality in order generation and process; 

- labour output force thanks to quality planning and operational forecast: 

    - resource usage; 

    - cash and product flow;

- interaction with channel partners;   

- personnel awareness and control;  

- business management:  

    - use information in any place in your company or world without license and technical restrictions - internet browser works perfectly on different devices such as new smartphones or old personal computers   ; 

    - one general database is used to store company information, it is used by personnel and informational subsystems - no more informational doubling, delays, differences, data loses;

- process labour input;  

- personnel education level; 

- failure and error qtty.; 

- creation and exploitation of company infromational system price; 

- our internet solutions don't require work place license; 

- internet products mostly are cheaper than specialized ERP extensions; 

- learning time - internet browsers used for internet solutions are familiar to everyone, what significantly lowers learning time;


Steps for process informational provision:

    • selection and implementation of ERP system
    • personeel training standard features of the system
    • harmonization of existing operational business processes with the potential ERP (Business Process)
    • B2B online interaction with partners and B2C for clients
    • construction of a vertical marketing system (VMS) sales channel process informational internet provision.