A list of systems to automate processes 

    • vertical marketing system of information support the sales channel
    • ERP resource management system
    • workflow system and staff communication.

 Vertical marketing system (VMS) automates information processing and interaction in next process groups:

1. overall for channels

  • result analysis
  • planning
  • CRM interaction
  • data exchange
  • market description

2. vendor-clients

  • purchase and stock management
  • budget development and execution control
  • reclamations and their processing

3. shipments

  • order, agreement, notification
  • location forecast and control
  • performance means of transportation

4. supplier-shop

  • merchandiser work
  • shop description
  • franchising

5. customer-shop

  • products е-list and е-orders;
  • поиск местонахождения и характеристик товаров
  • е-reclamations
  • day offers

  • 1. overall for channel

  • 2. supplier-client

  • 3. shipment

  • 4. supplier-shop

  • 5. customer-shop

 - analysis of sales results and state of stocks and markets sub channel;

- planning, monitoring implementation and analysis of stock market;

- CRM-interaction marketing, sales and purchases of participants;

- exchange of news and information channel between the ERP systems of participants;

- support for the description of the status and forecast of market channel;

- analysis of sales results and state of the channel stock of goods, including monitoring compliance with agreed budgets;

- exchange of e-documents and e-state inventory - orders, approvals, invoices, packing lists, price lists, etc.;

- offer development and monitoring of performance:

   - budgets, sales / procurement and marketing;

   - Actions to promote products;

   - Goods orders and subsequent payments;

- Order the carriage and its e-negotiation, control calculations;

- Control of cargo location, weather and other delivery;

- Support for e-reference parameters of transport - carrying capacity, area, volume, count, etc.;

Support e-shop manual settings - the area of the shelves, plan and photos of rooms, etc.;

Maintenance of merchandisers :

 - e-maintained lists of shops, range, volume, shelf;

  - fixing the state of the shelves - its - e-inventory, pictures, commentary, competitors - the description of goods, prices and stocks;

  - support the formation of the reorder stock and reports;

  - offer coordination, monitoring and analysis ;

- e-list and e-order;

- search for the location of the desired product and its characteristics;

- e-claims on the goods purchased, and the reaction to them;

- list of offers;


Resource planning system (ERP) automates information processing for further process groups:

1. purchase

  • order and debt status analysis
  • product purchase account and planning
  • nomenclature, suppliers, price lists

2. warehouse management

  • income and expenditure account by e-bills
  • stock reports and invenещкн
  • current self cost recount

3. manufacturing

  • order generation
  • manufactured goods account
  • component correction and depreciation
  • self cost recount

4. sales

  • order and debt status analysis
  • services and product sales planning and account
  • nomenclature,  clients, price lists

5. finance and other

  • General ledger document processing;
  • tax account and report files
  • balance sheet and other reports