Project management

WebNav web application allows participiant companies of sales marketing channel

    • coowork with great effectivness during planning or during analysis of campaigns or events
    • e-document exchange in campaign or work flow channel
    • each channel company can manage their own project automatically e.g. prepare for new product group purchase or manufacturing

Automated project managemenet allows comapnies to:

    • event e-descreption with data from ERP and its storing
    • information storage e.g. work flow e-documents, expenditures, complaints e.t.c
    • informational grouping by request of participants of events or managers.

E-description of company's project or campaign in channel:

    • aims and tasks, step and work list with statuses, periods, completion % etc.
    • execution, work flow e-document list, notification command  
    • availiable resources, expenditure list and actual sums, issues etc.
    • event task and result dicussion with event participiants and their managers.

Functionality and data structure used in channel event/company project planning and executiong shoen below:

deloproizvodstvo project kanal ru 

Examples of application usage while interacting with channel members:

  • promotion action

  • reclamation discussion

  • sales planning


- campaign planning - product and participiant lists, price-list and volumes, period, product balance data etc.;

- event plan coordination and accomplishment tracking, including issues and competitor reaction;

- result analysis, current campaign discussion;

- e-reclamation internet-discussion, including issue description, product codes and quantity with links on purchase invoices, malfunction images;

- reaction internet-coordination, e.g., vendor credit-memo generation;

- reclamation processing result controle, archiving, gathered statistics usage;

- channel budget analysis, including market forecast evaluation;

-  own budget parts confirmation for purchasing and selling, marketing promotions; 

-  budget execution result discussion;



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