Manager task list, which should were solved together with us, after ERP implementation, with used action options:

  • Turn on operational forecast

  • Generation automation and

  • Reduce work complexity and

  • Raise sales and

  • Eliminate distortions

  • Improve personeel work

  • Eliminate duplication

  • Budgeting automation and

product movement and cash flow;  

Solution way -  transition between document input when they are registered in accounting to document chain of process states:  

- request,

- agreement,

- awaiting or preparing product shipment - warehouse bills,

- payment planning and expectation,

- shipment and pickup control,   

- received product quality control with defect statistics accumulation and change of current shipment % control in vendor description;  

document print:  

• invoice, CMR, packing list, ... - shipment;

• warehouse - order, bill, act, ...; 

• purchase - invoices, payment journals and statement files;

• manufacturing - orders, regulatory complexity books, product standards, self cost account and prices, …;

error count when entering documents in system;  

Solution ways:  
- purchase request is entered by client, not by vendor;
- purchase documents are entered in agreement time between buter and manager;
- accounting processes invoices on base of existing agreed orders;
- in processing time, system changes document status and controls process and data status;

control issues in marketing channel, reduce complaints from clients on vendor managers reaction speed;  

Solution ways:  

- improve vertical marketing system results by creating marketing channel using internet;

- use internet for clients work with their orders, statistics, purchase orders etc.;

- use CRM module to organize controlled cooperation between retailers and clients; 

- market model support and usage, web advertising organization;

сproduct self cost and profitability;  

Solution way:

- account using date, factor etc. with history archiving;

- distortion control and notification about that;

- information and communication – advertisement board and question discussion;  

- group work with notification and version archive;   

- document common store and controlled access to them;

- task accomplishment control;

reference and documental data, used by personeel in their work;  

Solution way - maintenance, handbook and algorithm in SQL database standards ;

simplify analysis of planned volumes, their justification;  

Solution way:  

- modeling on compressed statistics base;

- budget template generation on model base;

- budget recount on new volume base, self cost and prices;

- match modeling results with manager tasks and market development forecast;

- connect clients through B2B mechanism and using it in budget  section;

 These decisions are made on the basis of our systems MS Navision, MS SharePoint, and developed in collaboration with the Bagua SIA products that automate business processes:


MS Navision

  • tax and accounts
  • planning
  • analyse
  • documents
  • another tasks

Company data base

  • finance
  • clients
  • vendors
  • products and warehouses
  • sales
  • purchases
  • payroll
  • another data



  • dispatching
  • controle
  • planning
  • inner communication
  • document flow
  • CRM


Lotus Notes

  • communication
  • tasks and meetings
  • resource calendar
  • work flow
  • group document work



  • order distribution and control by clients forces
  • settlement preventive control 
  • CRM
  • clients document flow
  • purchase statistics